BMP ---> AVI (для TAnimate)

TAnimate is a rather nice component. However if you don't want to use the built in AVI files and want to create your own AVI files from BMP files, then you may have a problem as there is no tool in Delphi to do this.
While browsing the web for information on AVI file formats I came upon a site that is maintained by Ray Mercer. In this tutorial he explains how to manipulate,read and write AVI files. I was particularly interested in "Step 5" in which he shows a utility that takes a list of BMP files that creates an AVI file which can be used by the TAnimate component. The only problem was that the examples are in Visual Basic, thus a conversion to Delphi was required.
I have posted this procedure
CreateAVI(const FileName : string; BMPFileList : TStrings; FramesPerSec : integer = 10);
To keep the text of the example simple and readable I have left out most to the error checking (try except etc.). You can also play with the AVISaveOptions dialog box, but I can only seem to get it to work with "Full Frames Uncompressed" with BMP files. Can anyone shed some light on this ?
Errors you should check for are ..
All files are valid BMP files and are of the same size.
All Blockreads are valid with no read errors.
Ray has a downloadable EXE that works quite nicely, however I am about to write my own utility that incorporates the following ...
Multiline file selection.
Listbox line reordering (drag/drop).
Sort File list
Layout Save and Load .
AVI Preview.
(I have beta version ready, if anyone wants a copy of exe or source code, drop me a mail at
For further info on AVI files I recommend you vist Ray's site at it really is a well written tutorial (even if it is in Visual Basic)


 // AVISaveOptions Dialog box flags

 ICMF_CHOOSE_KEYFRAME = 1; // show KeyFrame Every box

 ICMF_CHOOSE_DATARATE = 2; // show DataRate box

 ICMF_CHOOSE_PREVIEW = 4; // allow expanded preview dialog

 ICMF_CHOOSE_ALLCOMPRESSORS = 8; // don't only show those that

 // can handle the input format

 // or input data



 AVI_COMPRESS_OPTIONS = packed record

  fccType: DWORD; // stream type, for consistency

  fccHandler: DWORD; // compressor

  dwKeyFrameEvery: DWORD; // keyframe rate

  dwQuality: DWORD; // compress quality 0-10,000

  dwBytesPerSecond: DWORD; // bytes per second

  dwFlags: DWORD; // flags... see below

  lpFormat: DWORD; // save format

  cbFormat: DWORD;

  lpParms: DWORD; // compressor options

  cbParms: DWORD;

  dwInterleaveEvery: DWORD; // for non-video streams only


 AVI_STREAM_INFO = packed record

  fccType: DWORD;

  fccHandler: DWORD;

  dwFlags: DWORD;

  dwCaps: DWORD;

  wPriority: word;

  wLanguage: word;

  dwScale: DWORD;

  dwRate: DWORD;

  dwStart: DWORD;

  dwLength: DWORD;

  dwInitialFrames: DWORD;

  dwSuggestedBufferSize: DWORD;

  dwQuality: DWORD;

  dwSampleSize: DWORD;

  rcFrame: TRect;

  dwEditCount: DWORD;

  dwFormatChangeCount: DWORD;

  szName: array[0..63] of char;


 BITMAPINFOHEADER = packed record

  biSize: DWORD;

  biWidth: DWORD;

  biHeight: DWORD;

  biPlanes: word;

  biBitCount: word;

  biCompression: DWORD;

  biSizeImage: DWORD;

  biXPelsPerMeter: DWORD;

  biYPelsPerMeter: DWORD;

  biClrUsed: DWORD;

  biClrImportant: DWORD;


 BITMAPFILEHEADER = packed record

  bfType: word; //"magic cookie" - must be "BM"

  bfSize: integer;

  bfReserved1: word;

  bfReserved2: word;

  bfOffBits: integer;


 // DLL External declarations

function AVISaveOptions(Hwnd: DWORD; uiFlags: DWORD; nStreams: DWORD;

 pPavi: Pointer; plpOptions: Pointer): boolean;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIFileCreateStream(pFile: DWORD; pPavi: Pointer; pSi: Pointer): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIFileOpen(pPfile: Pointer; szFile: PChar; uMode: DWORD;

 clSid: DWORD): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIMakeCompressedStream(psCompressed: Pointer; psSource: DWORD;

 lpOptions: Pointer; pclsidHandler: DWORD): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIStreamSetFormat(pAvi: DWORD; lPos: DWORD; lpGormat: Pointer;

 cbFormat: DWORD): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIStreamWrite(pAvi: DWORD; lStart: DWORD; lSamples: DWORD;

 lBuffer: Pointer; cBuffer: DWORD; dwFlags: DWORD;

 plSampWritten: DWORD; plBytesWritten: DWORD): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVISaveOptionsFree(nStreams: DWORD; ppOptions: Pointer): integer;

 stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIFileRelease(pFile: DWORD): integer; stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

procedure AVIFileInit; stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

procedure AVIFileExit; stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function AVIStreamRelease(pAvi: DWORD): integer; stdcall; external 'avifil32.dll';

function mmioStringToFOURCCA(sz: PChar; uFlags: DWORD): integer;

 stdcall; external 'winmm.dll';

// ============================================================================

// Main Function to Create AVI file from BMP file listing

// ============================================================================

procedure CreateAVI(const FileName: string; IList: TStrings;

 FramesPerSec: integer = 10);



 pOpts: Pointer;

 pFile, ps, psCompressed: DWORD;


 i: integer;

 BFile: file;



 m_MemBits: packed array of byte;

 m_MemBitMapInfo: packed array of byte;



 Fillchar(Opts, SizeOf(Opts), 0);

 FillChar(strhdr, SizeOf(strhdr), 0);

 Opts.fccHandler := 541215044; // Full frames Uncompressed


 pfile := 0;

 pOpts := @Opts;

 if AVIFileOpen(@pFile, PChar(FileName), OF_WRITE or OF_CREATE, 0) = 0 then


  // Determine Bitmap Properties from file item[0] in list

  AssignFile(BFile, IList[0]);

  Reset(BFile, 1);

  BlockRead(BFile, m_Bfh, SizeOf(m_Bfh));

  BlockRead(BFile, m_Bih, SizeOf(m_Bih));

  SetLength(m_MemBitMapInfo, m_bfh.bfOffBits - 14);

  SetLength(m_MemBits, m_Bih.biSizeImage);

  Seek(BFile, SizeOf(m_Bfh));

  BlockRead(BFile, m_MemBitMapInfo[0], length(m_MemBitMapInfo));


  strhdr.fccType := mmioStringToFOURCCA('vids', 0); // stream type video

  strhdr.fccHandler := 0; // def AVI handler

  strhdr.dwScale := 1;

  strhdr.dwRate := FramesPerSec; // fps 1 to 30

  strhdr.dwSuggestedBufferSize := m_Bih.biSizeImage; // size of 1 frame

  SetRect(strhdr.rcFrame, 0, 0, m_Bih.biWidth, m_Bih.biHeight);

  if AVIFileCreateStream(pFile, @ps, @strhdr) = 0 then


  // if you want user selection options then call following line

  // (but seems to only like "Full frames Uncompressed option)

  // AVISaveOptions(Application.Handle,


  // 1,@ps,@pOpts);

  // AVISaveOptionsFree(1,@pOpts);

  if AVIMakeCompressedStream(@psCompressed, ps, @opts, 0) = 0 then


  if AVIStreamSetFormat(psCompressed, 0, @m_memBitmapInfo[0],

  length(m_MemBitMapInfo)) = 0 then


  for i := 0 to IList.Count - 1 do


  AssignFile(BFile, IList[i]);

  Reset(BFile, 1);

  Seek(BFile, m_bfh.bfOffBits);

  BlockRead(BFile, m_MemBits[0], m_Bih.biSizeImage);

  Seek(BFile, SizeOf(m_Bfh));

  BlockRead(BFile, m_MemBitMapInfo[0], length(m_MemBitMapInfo));


  if AVIStreamWrite(psCompressed, i, 1, @m_MemBits[0],

  m_Bih.biSizeImage, AVIIF_KEYFRAME, 0, 0) <> 0 then


  ShowMessage('Error during Write AVI File');












 m_MemBitMapInfo := nil;

 m_memBits := nil;


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