Installing Kylix 3 Open Edition on Mandrake 9

How can I get Kylix 3 Open Edition installed and running on Mandrake 9?
Open a Super User Terminal, select "Sessions/New Root Midnight Commander" and in "/", create a directory "temp"
Download or copy the file kylix3_open.tar.gz into the "temp" directory you just created.
Check that all necessary programs are installed on your system:
Open kmenu/configuration/packaging/Remove Software or kpackage
Check for installation of the following:
kernel => 2.2 (mdk9.0 uses 2.4)
libgtk => 1.2 (mdk 9.0 uses 1.2-1.2.10-29)
libjpeg => 6.2 (mdk 9.0 uses 6.-66-25)
XIIR6 (XFree86) (mdk uses 4.2.1-3)
XFree86-dev (mdk9.0 uses 4.2.1-3)
glibc-dev (mdk9.0 uses 2.2.5-16)

Once you have verified that you have all of the necessary programs do the following:
In a Super User Terminal do:
cd /temp
tar zxf kylix3_open.tar.gz
In user terminal (NOT as root):
cd /temp/kylix3_open
In Gui select "I Agree"
Now select "install"
Logout and log back in as same user to get the Borland Kylix entry in the KDE menu
In Borland Kylix 3 menu, select "register now"
In the Gui select "next"
In the Gui select 'Finish"
The Gui disappears and the registration process has completed.
The Kylix Delphi and Kylix C++ IDE's can now be run.

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