Как найти пароль к базе данных?

I know there that there are many utilities out there costing $$ for removing the password of an access database. Here's how to implement it in Delphi.Please note that this method is not meant for a database with user-level security and work group information file. The idea is based on the file format of an access db.
The password is stored from location $42 and encrypted using simple xoring. The following function does decryption.

function GetPassword(filename: string): string;


 Stream: TFilestream;

 buffer: array[0..12] of char;

 str: string;



  stream := TFileStream.Create(filename, fmOpenRead);


  ShowMessage('Could not open the file.Make sure that the file is not in use.');



 stream.Seek($42, soFromBeginning);

 stream.Read(buffer, 13);


 str := chr(Ord(buffer[0]) xor $86);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[1]) xor $FB);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[2]) xor $EC);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[3]) xor $37);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[4]) xor $5D);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[5]) xor $44);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[6]) xor $9C);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[7]) xor $FA);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[8]) xor $C6);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[9]) xor $5E);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[10]) xor $28);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[11]) xor $E6);

 str := str + chr(Ord(buffer[12]) xor $13);

 Result := str;


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