Получить дескриптор окна, которое владеет кнопками запущенных программ на панели задач

Получить дескриптор окна, которое владеет кнопками запущенных программ на панели задач

 In this article, I wish to describe the useful undocumented function
 GetTaskmanWindow. The GetTaskmanWindow function returns a handle to
 the window that ownes the taskbar buttons.
 Here is the quoting about taskbar from Microsoft MSDN:
 "The Microsoft® Windows® interface includes a special application desktop
 toolbar called the taskbar.
 The taskbar can be used for such tasks as switching between open
 windows and starting new applications..."
 and "The taskbar includes the Start menu, taskbar buttons,
 a shortcut menu, and a status area...".
 Unfortunately, Win32 API doesn't contain documented
 function that can be used for accessing to the
 taskbar so we should again use an undocumented way.
 Here is the prototype for GetTaskmanWindow:
  function GetTaskmanWindow (): HWND;
 As always, Microsoft doesn't provide us with the exports symbols
 in the User32.lib for this function, so we should load them dynamically using the
 GetProcAddress and GetModuleHandle functions:

 // getaskmanwnd.cpp (Windows NT/2000)
// This example will show you how you can obtain a handle to the
// Windows Taskbar window.
// Translated from C to Delphi by Thomas Stutz
// Original Code:
// (c)1999 Ashot Oganesyan K, SmartLine, Inc
// <a href="mailto:ashot@aha.ru" title="mailto:ashot@aha.ru">mailto:ashot@aha.ru</a>, <a href="http://www.protect-me.com" title="http://www.protect-me.com">http://www.protect-me.com</a>, <a href="http://www.codepile.com" title="http://www.codepile.com">http://www.codepile.com</a>

function TaskmanWindow: HWND;
  TGetTaskmanWindow = function(): HWND; stdcall;
  hUser32: THandle;
  GetTaskmanWindow: TGetTaskmanWindow;
  Result := 0;
  hUser32 := GetModuleHandle('user32.dll');
  if (hUser32 > 0) then
  @GetTaskmanWindow := GetProcAddress(hUser32, 'GetTaskmanWindow');
  if Assigned(GetTaskmanWindow) then
  Result := GetTaskmanWindow;
 procedure ShowTaskmanWindow(bValue: Boolean);
  hTaskmanWindow: Hwnd;
  hTaskmanWindow := TaskmanWindow;
  if hTaskmanWindow <> 0 then
  ShowWindow(GetParent(hTaskmanWindow), Ord(bValue));
 // Example to Hide the Taskman Window
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
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